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In 1912, Edward R. Reilly began his insurance career in the Property Loss Department of the German American Insurance Company, the forerunner to the Great American Insurance Company. Twenty-six years later after both company and independent experience, he founded his own independent adjusting firm. The business, under his tutelage steadily grew and established a reputation as one of the outstanding property adjusting specialists in the country. Upon his death in 1973, Edward R. Reilly, Jr. assumed the reigns having been with the firm since 1953. During the course of their careers, each served as President of both the New York and National Associations of Independent Insurance Adjusters.

Some of the unique major losses handled for domestic and Lloyd’s insurers have included, telephone installations, schools, institutions, piers, land erosion due to flood conditions, paper pulp mills, garment contractors, builders risk, pharmaceuticals, and The World Trade Center 1993 bombing as well as the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.

While a majority of claims usually fall within a 100 mile radius of New York City, senior personnel are available to travel and have adjusted losses in Indonesia, South America and Canada, as well as in the fifty states.

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